TP-Link 10400mAh Power Bank (TL-PB10400)

Are you looking for a reliable, well-made Power Bank from a reputable and most importantly a reliable brand?

nTP-Link products are synonymous with quality. The TP-Link Power Bank 10400mAh incorporates multiple design safety features, which protect both the Power Bank and any device being charged.
nProtections are built-in for short circuits, over voltage, over current, overcharging, over discharging and overheating.
nA thermistor, for example, detects any overheating. It’s comprised of LG battery cells and has circuitry to reduce self-aging, maximize lifespan, and retain more available capacity when cold.
nThe housing is durable and also flame resistant.
nWhen buying a Power Bank, safety should be an important consideration. Smartphones, tablets, and Bluetooth devices are expensive. A generic unknown cheaply made Power Bank can put your devices at risk, deteriorate batteries and even start a fire.

Key features



  • High capacity of 10400mAh.
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  • Dual USB ports let you quickly charge two devices simultaneously.
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  • Compatible with 5V input USB-charged devices.
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  • Multiple safety protections.
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  • Practical flashlight.
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TP-Link Power Bank 10400mAh Product Description

nPowerful Capacity.
nThe power capacity of 10400mAh lets you charge the smartphone several times, keeping your devices running all the time.
nSimultaneously Super-fast Charging.
nDual USB ports (5V/2A and 5V/1A) allow for charging two devices simultaneously. The built-in special circuit provides full speed for your smartphones.
nReliable Power.
nTL-PB10400’s multiple protections of short circuit, over-voltage, over-current, over-charge, over-discharge, and over-heating ensure safe and reliable charging to avoid any potential harm to your devices.
nHigh Energy Efficiency Rate.
nCombining high-quality circuit, TL-PB10400 greatly reduces unnecessary energy loss while charging, ensuring up to 90% energy efficiency rate. So under full capacity, it can charge a smartphone for 3~5 times, ideal for extended use of mobile devices.
nPractical Functions for Convenience


  • Practical flashlight built-in flashlight comes in handy for in-house and also off-road activities.
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  • Smart LED indicator for LED lights works as charge indicators to show battery level.
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nUniversal Compatibility.
nCompatible with almost any smart devices like iPhones, iPads, Android smartphones and also other 5V input USB-charged devices.
nWe recommend this TP-Link power bank because it’s a well-designed premium product that’s been engineered by TP-LINK for safe operation. Buy it today and have it delivered to your location.
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