Remax Candy RM-301 Headset

Where to get the lowest Remax Candy RM-301 Headset in Nairobi, Kenya?

nBuy the Remax Candy RM-301 Headset right now online from Dove Computers, the leading Remax dealers in Nairobi, Kenya.nEnjoy the convenience of online shopping at the undoubtedly best online shop in Kenya. Therefore, order your headset online today and have it quickly delivered to a location of your choice.n

 Noise-canceling microphone.




You won’t have to compete with background noise to be heard—which means crystal clear calls with work, family and friends.




Sound Quality.

nSuper bass, gives you a perfect sound experience. Movies, music and games come alive with full stereo sound.n


nCompatible with iPhone 6 / 6S Plus, iPhone 6 / 6S, Samsung S6 Edge Plus, Note 5, HTC, etc.nWith microphone, supports hands-free calls. Supports song switch.n

Comfortably and Ergonomic.

nDesigned basing on ergonomic with comfortable ear cups that gives you just the right fit.n

Versatile design.

n3.5mm jack, round style cable.nFashional candy color design, more attractive.

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