N19 Laptop Cooler Pad

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n140mm Fan.
nN19 has a 140-mm cooling fan that delivers high volume airflow while maintaining low-noise operations.
nAngle Design.
nTo improve user experience, N19 provides 2 usage angles to improve viewing comfort.
nMetal Mesh Panel.
nN19 uses a high-quality metal mesh front panel to maximize cooling airflow through the panel to achieve superb cooling performance.
nUSB Port.
nN19 uses a USB pass through connector to allow connection to an additional USB device.




  • Compatible with 14-inch or smaller notebooks.
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  • Ergonomic design with 2 viewing angles.
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  • 140 mm low-noise fan that delivers cooling air to the notebook.
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  • Massive aluminum mesh optimizes airflow through the panel to achieve efficient notebook cooling.
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  • Powered by a USB pass through connector.
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