Lenovo S510 i3 4GB Ram, 500GB HDD 18.5 Inch TFT

Where to get the lowest Lenovo S510 i3 4GB Ram, 500GB HDD 18.5 Inch TFT price in Nairobi, Kenya?

nBuy Lenovo S510 i3 4GB Ram, 500GB HDD 18.5 Inch TFT now online from Dove Computers, the leading desktop dealers in Nairobi, Kenya.

Quality You Can Rely On.

nThe S510 has been put through over 200 reliability tests including shock, drop and vibration tests in order to maximize both the life of the system and your ROI.

Enhanced Security.

nAn array of security features such as Smart USB Protection, which restricts port access while allowing keyboard and mouse inputs, will provide you with peace of mind.

Optional Performance-Boosting SSD.

nThe S510 is available with up to 256GB of solid-state storage, reducing your cost and improving your desktop’s performance. SSDs give you faster start-up and faster read/write times, improving productivity.

Green & Sustainable.

nThe S510 has earned the green certifications of Energy Star 6.1, GREENGUARD and more. Green certification means decreased power consumption, which translates to lower power costs for your small business.

Fast Wireless Connectivity.

nAdvanced Wi-Fi design ensures reliable, seamless internet connectivity with no need for messy, disruptive cables. What’s more, 2 front-facing USB 3.0 ports allow you to conveniently connect peripherals or transfer data.
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