Generic Fixed Wireless Phone – GSM FWP 6588

Have you been shopping for Generic Fixed Wireless Phone – GSM FWP 6588 in Nairobi or elsewhere in Kenya?

nLook no further! At Dove Computers, we stock a wide range of phones including Generic Fixed Wireless Phone – GSM FWP 6588 at the best prices in town. GSM FWP 6588 allows users access to voice communications on GSM mobile phone network with a sim card,.n

Key Features.

n1.Support GSM850/900/1800/1900Mhz Dual Simcardsn2.Caller IDn3. Dot-matrixed displayn4. Multi-languages selection & customized, Spanish, English, Chinese, Arabic, Russian etc.n5. SMS functionn6. IP No. Settingn7. Call in / Callout /Call divert/ Call waiting/ three-way conference calln8. Lock up function: Keypad, SIM card, network.n9. Local No. / direct No. / limited No. Settingn10. Speed dialingn11. Redial Buttonn


n1. Operating Freq.: GSM900-1800Mhz/850-1900Mhz Quadbandn2. Normal operation temperature: -30 —70nRestricted operation temperature: -30 —80nStorage temperature: -40 —85n3. Environment noise: Below 60dB(A)n4. Support SIM Card 1.8V/ 3Vn5. Channel interval: 200KHzn6. Receive sensitivity:nBenefits:nImmediate primary telephone access.nSmsnFM RadionGraphic LCD with backlightn nFacebook nInstagram nSimilar product

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