Cursor BackUP UPS 650VA

Where to buy Cursor BackUp UPS 650VA at an affordable price in Nairobi, Kenya?

nBuy Cursor BackUP UPS 650VA now online from Dove Computers, the leading Digitek UPS dealers in Nairobi, Kenya.nEnjoy the convenience of online shopping at the undoubtedly best online shop in Kenya. Therefore, order your UPS online today and have it quickly delivered to a location of your choice.n

CPU control for reliability.

nCursor UPS is a digital UPS which has a high speed ensuring that it does allnof its functions right and on time. This very critical especially for protection of thenUPS; as all the overload, overvoltage, undervoltage protections and controlledndigitally by the CPU.n

Overload, low and high voltage protection.

nCursor UPS provides full reliability by providing several electronic protections tonensure a problem-free long life product.n

High capacity battery.

nCursor UPS can fill it’s batteries for 8 hours to ensure a safe operation in regions where electricnfailures are very often.n

Modern, stylish concept.

nToday the IT users not only want functional products but also nice lookingnproducts which they will enjoy to see every day.n nFacebook nSimilar product

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