Brother TZE-221 Label Printer Tape – Black on White, 9mm wide

Are you Looking for Brother TZE-221 Label Printer Tape – Black on White, 9mm wide online in Nairobi or elsewhere in Kenya?

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nThis black on white TZe-221 labelling tape has been rigorously tested by Brother to be as durable and dependable as possible.nHome & Hotel Applications:n1. Toprinting’s Tze label tapes are great for labelling everything that you want at home, you can classify the seasoning bottles, note the expiry dates of food and drug, classify the books in your study. Perfect for labelling your personal belongings.n2. Toprinting’s compatible Tze label tapes can be used for marking the room number, tel number, warm reminder, etc.nOffice & Factory Applications:n1. Let you much easier to find the files and documents you need in your office and improve work efficiency.n2. It is good to manage the fixed assets, label the username of the Computers, chairs, tables, notebook, each locker, etc.n3. Label some reminder about saving and attention in some special space.nIndustry & Supermarket Applications:n1. Label the cable, component, electronic part, switch, caution statement, asset tagging, etc, classify the networking.n2. Label tapes can be used to mark the product name, price, production place, expiry date, etc, make consumer know what they want clearly.n3. Toprtinting’s label tapes can help you organize your workplace efficiently, let you easy to find the things.n


n1. Before printing completely ended, please don’t pull the tapes in advance, to avoid any damage to the tapes. Also, don’t touch the tape cutter, to avoid any error.n2. Before installing the tape cassettes, please turn the gear in anticlockwise to tighten the ribbon, to avoid the fracture of tapes, or jam of tapes.n3. If the tapes are too tight to print out when installed into machines, please try to pull a little tape out, and then shake the cassette several times, then reinstall.n


Key features



  • 9mm wide, 8m long
  • n

  • High-quality genuine Brother cassette
  • n

  • Ensure durable, easily readable results
  • n

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