A4 Printing Paper

Wondering where you can buy high quality A4 Printing Paper in Nairobi or elsewhere in Kenya?

nAt Dove Computers, we sell these high-end printing papers including A4 Printing Paper at the best prices in town.

Product Description

nThese printing papers have  a combination of superior smoothness and good ink adhesion.
nTheir colour reflection makes it the best choice for professional looking documents.
nThese printing papers are suitable for use in multiple office Photocopiers, Inkjet and Laser Printers, Fax Machines,  and Multi-functional office Devices.
nOur Multi purpose printing paper is a Value for money product.
nIt allows for Double sided copying.
nThere is minimum machine jamming,trouble free machine run,minimum wear & tear to machine due to its ideal characteristics.

Key Features



  • Hi end copier for superior aesthetic job
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  • Long lasting whiteness and brighter colour impression
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  • Compatible with all modern printers.
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What’s in the Box

nOne-Ream of 500 sheets A4 paper

Why Buy our Printing Papers?

nWith our professional printing and office papers, we guarantee the brilliant colours and sharp contrast of the visuals and messages that are important for you.
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