84" x 84" Portable Tripod Projector Screen

Where to buy 84″ x 84″ Portable Tripod Projector Screen at an affordable price in Nairobi, Kenya?

nLook no further. Buy 84″ x 84″ Portable Tripod Projector Screen now online from Dove Computer, the leading Projector Screen dealers in Nairobi, Kenya.
nAbout Projector Screen.
nThe Tripod Pro features a new casing with the velour surfacing and black tube casing will protect the screen material and is coated with a velveteen material that absorbs glare from projectors.
nIt’s great for auditoriums, lecture halls, boardrooms, conference rooms, churches etc. The motorized projector screen has all the features to deliver the best display support for your presentations.
nEasy Control.
nEnjoy easy push-button operation with this remote-controlled electric projection screen. With a touch of the button, you easily roll up or down as required. With its auto locking mechanism, you get variable height settings as you can lock the screen at any height you choose.
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